Fisherman's Salve

Fisherman's Salve
  • Fisherman's Salve
  • Fisherman's Salve
  • Fisherman's Salve

The Fisherman’s Salve is made with a blend of locally wildcrafted and cultivated herbs to nourish, moisturize and restore rough, dry, and chapped hands and soothe tired muscles. The salve was inspired by the hands that spend days hauling gear, shoved in wet cold rubber gloves, picking toothy salmon from tangled nets, and enduring all the elements of a fishing season at sea. 

Created with hardworking hands in mind, this salve is perfect for fishermen, gardeners, carpenters, craftspeople, and anyone looking for soothing relief of overworked skin and muscles. Massage into sore and tired feet, hands, shoulders and beyond, and enjoy the soothing ritual of taking good care of yourself. 


Devil's Club (Oplopanax horridus)

A large shrub native to the coastal rainforest of Southeast Alaska, this plant has been highly regarded for centuries by indigenous peoples for its many benefits & healing properties. A member of the ginseng family, the roots and inner bark of the plant contain pain reducing, antibacterial, anti fungal, and antiviral properties among its many benefits. Used on the skin, Devil's Club supports that body's natural ability to repair damaged cells & keep irritation at bay.

Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis)

A native tree species, Sitka Spruce carries antifungal, antimicrobial, antiseptic, and pain reducing properties. Coniferous trees produce a pitch, or resin, that protects the plants against a wide range of pathogens including bacteria, fungi, and disease. The pitch of Sitka Spruce lends naturally occurring resin compounds and antioxidants to the defense and support of the skin when applied topically. These compounds aid in restoring damaged or irritated skin, and supporting cellular regeneration and overall skin health.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil* infused with wildcrafted Devil’s Club & Sitka spruce, willow bark, calendula, and yarrow, beeswax, cedar* & sandalwood essential oils, vitamin E oil.
*Certified organic ingredient

Available in a .7 oz. or 1.4 oz. tin

All herbs have been sustainably, respectfully harvested and prepared in small batches to preserve quality and leave a minimal impact on their temperate rainforest habitat.

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
For external use only.

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