Our Process

Gathered and Grown Botanicals was born from a passion for connecting more deeply to our natural surroundings. From day one this passion has remained at the heart of all that we do in learning, creating, & fostering the connection between our human communities & natural communities.

We create products to care for your body, to invite the benefits of nature into your daily self care routines, and to inspire a more intimate relationship with the lands & waters that sustain us.

The herbs & natural ingredients used in our products are selected specifically for their nourishing and restorative properties. The plants that thrive among the forests, muskegs, and coastline of Southeast Alaska are well adjusted to our cool, wet temperate rainforest environment - producing healthful compounds and resilient properties that are infused into each body care product we create. 

Each of our products are developed seasonally, created with hand-harvested ingredients gathered with care & intention. We harvest with attention to each plant's individual growth patterns so as not to damage an entire plant but rather help it to flourish when possible. We seek out sites off the beaten path with healthy & thriving plant populations, so as to lighten the pressure on well-loved plants and ensure those easily accessible populations remain available for others to forage & enjoy. We also grow many of our herbal ingredients in our own backyard garden. 

Those ingredients that cannot be harvested ourselves are sourced from certified organic producers, to ensure we continue to work cooperatively with our environment while creating luxurious, all natural, non-toxic products to nourish our skin & bodies.

Our goods are crafted entirely by hand at our workshop in Wrangell, Alaska; from harvest, to mixing, melting pouring, packaging, & labeling.

Our products are packaged using reusable, recyclable, and compostable materials, and we recycle & reuse nearly all of the shipping materials that pass through our workshop to cut down our waste stream & lessen the footprint we leave on the environment. 

Repurpose eco-friendly packaging