Our Process

We utilize hand-harvested wild herbs and organically cultivated botanicals selected specifically for their nourishing and restorative properties in our proprietary herbal blends. These plants, native to the forests and muskegs of Southeast Alaska, thrive in our cool, wet temperate rainforest environment - producing healthful compounds and resilient properties that are infused into each body care product we create. 

Our herbal body care products are made with 100% organic and sustainably sourced butters and oils chosen to safely nourish and protect your skin, while ensuring we're contributing to sustainable agriculture and fair labor practices.

Our packaging is designed to be completely re-useable and recyclable, and we utilize compostable and recycled shipping materials whenever possible to deliver your goods safely to your door. 

At Gathered and Grown Botanicals we strive to connect with and take care of the wild plants and places that lend their exceptional wellness properties to our products, our experience, and our way of life in Southeast Alaska.