Our mission is to inspire deeper personal connections to nature. From the tiny patch of grass and weeds in your back yard to Alaska’s towering mountains and miles of wild rainforest, time spent among the dirt and rocks and plants and birds nurtures a reciprocal relationship of respect, care, and healing. 

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We believe that our connectedness to nature is at the root of our overall wellness – as individuals and communities. The more we come to understand the natural world, and understand that we are inherently part of it, the more empowered and better equipped we are to take good care of ourselves and of our environment that offers us fresh air, clean water, and abundant food for the body and soul.

Gathered and Grown Botanicals strives to build connection to our wild nature by inviting natural elements in their purest forms into your daily self care routines. We create luxurious products using whole organic ingredients and locally hand-harvested plants to encourage the practices of skin care, body care, and self love, infused with the scents, textures, and essence of Southeast Alaska’s pristine coastal rainforest landscape. Welcoming nature into your self care routine creates a unique experiential and sensorial connection to the plants and the landscape that nourish and uplift our bodies and spirits. 

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Gathered and Grown Botanicals contributes 2% of sales to sponsor access to children’s outdoor recreation programming through our local Parks and Recreation Department.  We strongly believe in the value and importance of fostering lifelong personal connections to nature, and are committed to helping kids get engaged in experiential learning about their environment at a young age, to spark a life long curiosity and mutually beneficial relationship to their local lands and waters.

Gathered and Grown contributes 2% sales to help kids access outdoor programming

 We encourage and practice the care and stewardship of our green spaces and wild places through a commitment to sustainable business and manufacturing practices. Our ingredients are sustainably hand-harvested to ensure populations of native plant species continue to thrive in their natural environment. Those ingredients we cannot gather or grow ourselves are sourced from organic and fair-trade certified suppliers. Our products are packaged in recyclable, reusable, compostable, and biodegradable materials, and arrive to your door using repurposed and recycled shipping materials.


Thank you for being part of our community, and for supporting our mission!