Hi friends,

I'm Angie - the founder, maker, and dreamer behind Gathered & Grown.
My journey into holistic natural body care began a decade ago as a student of Environmental Science, seeking to experience and learn more about the earth’s unique ecosystems and our relationship to the natural world. My passion for understanding this relationship led me into field work and across the country, learning about incredible varied ecosystems & how human actions affect and shape our surroundings. 

Time and again I am fascinated by the plant communities that surround us; the way they adapt to changing conditions, the way they support entire complex webs of life, and the ways they have shaped our human experience. This growing interest led me to delve more deeply into studies of botany and herbalism to better understand and establish a deeper connection to the plant world. I believe we have a great deal to learn from the processes, communities, and functions of the natural world. And I believe that the more connected we are to our natural surroundings, the more empowered we are to live healthy & vibrant lives.

Over the years my work, study, and passion has taken varied paths, but my driving force has always remained the same. My work has always been to find ways of living more consciously and in connection with the natural world, and to empower others as I learn. Because we are intrinsically part of our environment; the better we care for it, the better it can take care of us.

Gathered and Grown is founded on the belief that the answer to true holistic wellness lies in our relationship to nature. Each product is infused with the restorative benefits of wild plants and places and is carefully created using the highest quality ingredients for your skin while doing no unnecessary harm to our environment in their production.

Our mission is to foster a deeper connection to our natural world. We create products to care for your body, to invite the benefits of nature into your daily self care routines, and to inspire a more intimate relationship with the lands & waters that sustain us.

Thanks for joining me on this journey, and for being part of the movement toward a more conscious way of living.



Gathered and Grown Botanicals - wild harvested plants, Southeast Alaska