MerMud Soap - Multi-use body & shampoo bar

MerMud Soap - Multi-use body & shampoo bar
  • MerMud Soap - Multi-use body & shampoo bar
  • MerMud Soap - Multi-use body & shampoo bar
  • MerMud Soap - Multi-use body & shampoo bar
  • MerMud Soap - Multi-use body & shampoo bar

Created for sirens of the sea and salty sailors alike, the MerMud Soap gets its misty ocean blue-grey coloring from French green clay & bits of real wild-harvested Alaskan bull kelp.

Often referred to as Sea Mud, remarkable French green clay is known for absorbing oils and impurities from the skin, and creates the perfect “slip” and lather for silky clean skin, making it a great body cleanser and shave bar.

Wild Alaskan bull kelp is sustainably hand-harvested along Southeast Alaska's rocky coastlines, and lends this soap a boost of skin-softening minerals & natural gentle exfoliators straight from the sea. 

A rich blend of natural oils moisturize and nourish skin, while rosemary and peppermint essential oils brighten the senses.

Ingredients: Olive oil*, coconut oil*, water, sunflower oil*, sodium hydroxide, shea butter*, castor oil*, wild Alaskan bull kelp, French green clay, rosemary & peppermint essential oils
*Certified organic ingredient

Each bar of soap is approximately 4 ounces.

Take care of your handmade soap and it will take care of you! Handmade soaps keep best and last longer if stored out of direct water, in a well drained location.

Gathered and Grown products are made with 100% natural ingredients, sustainably sourced,and organically produced whenever possible.

A note on sweaty soap: You may notice your soap “sweating” in your bathroom or cupboard. This is totally normal! Handmade soaps contain natural humectants, which draw moisture from the air and may create some condensation on the outside of your soap bar. These same humectants are what make the soaps so moisturizing for your skin! Store your soap in a cool, dry location for storage to reduce sweating.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
For external use only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
My favorite soap

This soap isn't only delicious smelling, its buttery smooth and works up the best lather... not only that but the product lasts! I love this soap and will be back to buy 5 more once mine runs out!


Soft scent....leaves your skin so soft.

A must have item in every bathroom

Pamper not only yourself but put a bar in your your guest bathroom as well! So soft, soothing and refreshing.

Love this soap!!

My daughter brought this home as a gift. Both my husband & I used it & love it! I’m ordering 3 more. It has a calming effect on itchy skin! Lathers nicely & rinses clean!

MerMud soap

This is my second bar of MerMud soap and I do notice my skin is not drying out like it did with Zest or Irish Spring soaps. This soap lasts a long time too.

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