• Dandelion Fields Forever

    Dandelion Fields Forever


    It’s the time of year in Southeast Alaska where the sun has finally warmed our cold, wet, wintery bones and the sun has baked into the soil enough to coax out all the fresh bright greens of springtime. Perhaps my favorite sight of spring are the pops of bright golden yellow that have begun to burst open and grow to the size of small saucers along the roadsides and front yards.

  • New Beginnings: Introducing Groundswell

    New Beginnings: Introducing Groundswell
    Gathered and Grown began for me as a passion, a side project, a dream. I wanted to build a business that allowed me to work my creative muscles, pushed me to learn and grow outside of my comfort zones, and empowered others to connect more deeply with the natural world and foster daily rituals for self care....


    Our goal at Gathered and Grown is to bring you the very best in body care. To bring you all natural goods that enhance your daily life, encourage routine self care, restore and support healthy, happy skin, and make accessible the healing powers of the plant world. We strive to do this while also fostering a connection to our wild natural landscapes and creating ways to live more sustainably and lessen our impact on our earth.


    To create our original herbal preparations we use herbs that have been wildcrafted and sustainably harvested in small batches to preserve native habitat; locally cultivated and grown biodynamically in our own kitchen garden without the use of manufactured pesticides or fertilizers; and certified organic herbs produced commercially by growers that work to nurture the ecological health of their lands.


    We package all of our products using recyclable materials, right down to the kraft paper labels made from post-consumer product; and we strive to recycle and re-use shipping materials whenever possible.


    In an effort to continue our commitment to sustainability and build our business in a way that benefits our customers, our communities, and our environment, Gathered and Grown is proud to announce that beginning this year all of our products will be made with certified organic butters and oils! That means everything from our salves and butters, to our lip balms and soaps.


    2017 brings lots of exciting opportunities and new things on the horizon for our small handmade business, and we look forward to continuing to bring you the very best products made with the very best ingredients sourced sustainably and responsibly, so you can feel good about what you put on your skin.

    Thanks for your continued support, and wishing you all the best this year.



    Here in Alaska, and across the northern half of the United States and Canada, the winter solstice signals a return to the light. We have made it to the turning point, after which each day will bring a little more daylight into our lives as we begin the gradual swing back around the cycle of light and energy that will see a spring welcomed by lush greenery and the return flush of life and activity that is the Alaska summer.

    But for now we rest. We slow down and savor the fruits of our hard work through the summer by cooking up elaborate meals of braised moose ribs and roasted root veggies from our gardens. We return to our community, sharing cozy dinners and cabin trips with friends . We make time to catch up on our books and handicrafts and hobbies while we warm our bones by the woodstove.


    These darker days afford us the opportunity to slow our pace and shift our focus inward. When we embrace the cyclical change in season – the dark, the cozy, the heavier days – we can learn to find and connect more with our own light. The darkness can be a great teacher, helping to uncover strengths and parts of ourselves we otherwise might not recognize.  The darkness helps to renew and restore our bodies and minds , and prepares us for our inevitable return toward the light.

    This Solstice I encourage you to embrace the darkness, to turn inward, and to honor the slower, quieter rhythm of this season in yourself. Spend some time listening, acknowledging and reflecting.

    Here are a few ways to celebrate the Winter Solstice and honor the darkness by practicing self-care. Create your own ritual to return to when your body and mind need a respite, and find solace in the dark.

    1. Find solitude

    Odd though it may seem, sometimes being alone with ourselves and our thoughts can be a difficult or frightening prospect. Take the opportunity to really sit quietly with yourself, even if only for 5 minutes to start.  Turn off the tv or music, turn off your phone, and just be with yourself for a while. Really key in and listen to your thoughts. You’re a pretty amazing individual; make a date to get to know yourself.

    2. Meditate

    Now that you’ve carved out some time and space to be alone, use some of this precious time to cultivate awareness and connect to your consciousness. Meditation requires zero skill, experience, or equipment, and can foster heaps of mental and physical benefits. It’s a great practice to lower stress levels and begin learning to tune into your body and mind. Find your quiet space, take a comfortable seated position with a tall straight spine, and begin breathing deeply – focusing just on your breath filling up and then leaving your lungs. As your thoughts begin to stray to other things, as they will inevitably do, simply acknowledge them and return to the breath. Practice this for a few minutes, or as long as you’re able. Check out yoga downloador for resources to help you develop your meditation practice.

    3. Journal

    Putting our true unadulterated thoughts down to paper can be both a therapeutic and insightful practice. A journal is a place to express your thoughts free of judgement, to name and acknowledge your emotions, and to physically let go of feelings or thoughts that no longer serve you. Spend a few minutes writing freely. What are you feeling right now, in this moment? Journal for reflection, for inspiration, or to cultivate gratitude. Use journaling as a tool to serve you. As you being to journal regularly, dedicate a special notebook for your thoughts, try a journal with daily or weekly writing prompts like Moorea Seal’s 52 lists project, or simply dig out a spiral notebook and put a pen to paper.


    However you choose to celebrate the return to light, may it be warm and restorative. Happy Winter Solstice, friends.